sleeping with ghosts
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let's be friends. (because you're lovely)
I wanted you to fight for me and you didn’t.
- 10 word story (via despre-noi-doi)
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And here, with you,
I am small again. And
I hate who I am when you
are who I want;

I was sitting in science class
once when my teacher asked me
for the answer to a question
I didn’t even hear,

and I thought of the answer
you never gave to me

and I wanted to tell him,
I wanted to tell him that

this chemistry I had with someone
once, it was built from an unbalanced
equation— he was always in charge— he
was always the tutor, and it’s been
years since he walked away but
somehow I still haven’t learned
how to stop reacting to his name. I
wanted to say that I can’t pinpoint which
numbers cancel out which, because I
never learned anything about equality in
a relationship, but I could make the Law of
Conservation of Mass into a poetic metaphor
for the way it always feel like there’s not
enough space for my body when he’s around.

And here, with you,
I am small again. And
I hate who I am when you
are who I want, because

it was after four years of broken
poetry when my Mom asked me to
stop writing myself into apologies and
I haven’t figured out how to tell her,
how to tell her that the pages since
have all been blank. Because I’ll wear
my dad’s clothes and wonder what
it feels like to be bigger than myself,
because in the crashing silence of your
abandonment, I’ll wonder what it could
possibly feel like to be someone to speak for.

I still wonder sometimes
what enough may feel like.

But I’m beginning to teach myself.
And I’m learning a lot about my own
two hands when I grip a pen to write my
story in, and the way my skin creases
around my own eyes and my own lips when I
make someone else laugh, but, especially about
the muscles that bend across my frame. I’d
never before been so conscious of how they
all connect to each other, to push, to pull, to
bring something together - just, to think,

here, without you,
could ever hold so much.

- "And I’m Growing Out of You" -valentina thompson (via theseoverusedwords)
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Do I Wanna Know (Acoustic)

Arctic Monkeys
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You know you’re a Lord of the Rings fan when you cringe watching this scene because you know that Viggo Mortensen is breaking his toe right at this moment.

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