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Sirloin is adorable.

Sep 24th / 4 notes

Andrew during sisura's performance of Arctic Monkey's “R U Mine?”

Last Minute Madness at Cheba Hut on 9-21-2014.

He’s a cutie.

Sep 23rd / 0 notes

Dead Irony at Cheba Hut, 9-21-2014

Sep 23rd / 2 notes

very very last second photos to finish my weekly assignment because YEAH PROCRASTINATION. plus glamour shot because why not.

Sep 18th / 2 notes

took some shots of half of sisura in Andrew’s hot, clammy garage. good things are coming!

Sep 07th / 7 notes

tell me all the things that keep you awake at night, wishing you could leave.

Sep 07th / 2 notes

I showed up to my high school today in time for morning rehearsal to start and I took these real quick because I just really like drumline.

Sep 06th / 6 notes

Samuel Shoots


I finally made a page for my photography! I would so appreciate any likes or shares from you guys. My ultimate dream is making a living from concert photography and every little thing that gets my name out there is a step towards that dream. If you’re a local band in the Phoenix area, don’t hesitate to contact me if you like what you see!

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